Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hi, my name is Kino (Kee-no)!  I am from New Brunswick, Canada.
I am a spoiled dog and I love it! I Love to eat Beggin' Strips, Beefy Chews and Pizza!
I love to play fetch and make people fetch my toys! People are pets, not me. ;-)

My hobbies include napping, eating, barking, playing, squeaking toys, begging for treats and eating ice cubes.

I love my family, they call me a Dat sometimes because I catch toys like a cat and take cat naps.
I like It when more family come over for a visit, I get very excited and I run around the house and I cannot sit still.
I also like to use my family as lint rollers, I rub myself all over them until my loose fur is gone. :-)

When I go outside, I like to talk to my neighbours, we bark back and forth and bark at people walking on the road. I also like to chase deer and squirrels in my spare time.
When i'm inside, I like to help with chores, like sweep and mop the kitchen when someone drops food on the floor. :p

I have a lot of nicknames, here are some of them: King Kino, Kinyo, White Lightning, Kino Babino, Furball, Doofy, The King, Fluffball...I need a nap now, bye! zzzzz